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IPEX 2017:

New Cron CTP systems launched alongside flagship 8 colour SRA1 RMGT Ryobi LED-UV press


Apex Digital Graphics provided a major attraction at IPEX 2017 by becoming the first UK company to exhibit an 8-colour SRA1 perfecting press with LED-UV drying.

Two LED-UV curing units are incorporated into the 928P press – one situated over the perfecting device and the other at the delivery end of the machine, enabling one-pass instant curing perfecting. The machine allows for 8-up A4 printing on both sides of the sheet, meaning 16-up A4 in one pass, at speeds up to 13,000per hour, delivering dry sheets ready for finishing.

RMGT Ryobi has established itself as the market leader in LED-UV litho technology in the UK. With almost 20 UK installations, Apex Digital Graphics has sold more machines of this type to the UK than any rival supplier. This dominance is matched worldwide - with hundreds of LED-UV installations, RMGT Ryobi is the global leader.

Sales and Marketing Director Neil Handforth; “We have made multiple installations of LED-UV presses to the UK market, including four machines in the SRA1 8-colour configuration. This is very exciting technology which is generating a huge amount of interest among UK printers, and was a must-see for Ipex 2017”

Apex also showed new CTP systems from Cron.

The B1 sized Cron 46G+ is an updated and enhanced addition to the popular Cron ‘G’ Series, available in UV and thermal options. The UV version of this machine was at Ipex with multiple cassettes, internal platesetter punching and on-line processor. This device was shown delivering plates for the RMGT Ryobi 8-colour press on-stand.

New versions of the Cron “H” series were also on show, in both 26" and 46" formats. These uniquely compact models boast built-in autoloaders and internal punching, and are also available in both UV and thermal laser options. The 26" model is aimed at the price sensitive B3 market and is the natural successor to the popular DPX series, where Apex sold over 500 units in the U.K. The UV option of the 26H was shown at IPEX in a special low cost configuration, including punching and Cron's low-cost Blackwood plate. The B1 sized 46H Thermal model was shown imaging Fuji's Superia ZD processless plate, which was also shown on-press.

The UK debut of the Fuji Superia ZD Processless plate

The new plate develops on-press and requires no chemistry whatsoever; its suitability for use with LED inks was demonstrated at IPEX via live demonstrations on the 8-colour RMGT 928P LED-UV press.

Apex MD Bob Usher; “The Superia ZD represents a significant advance in thermal plate technology, and further enhances the appeal of LED-UV printing which is proving to be a game-changer for offset. Due to the fast imaging characteristics of the plate emulsion and the elimination of all press chemicals and processing equipment, we believe this is the fastest plate on the market from imaging to printing.”

The durability of the ZD is also noteworthy; its estimated maximum run length on a conventional press is around 150,000 sheets, and 50,000 sheets on an LED-UV press.

The ZD plate was imaged by the new B1 Cron 46H CTP system at IPEX,



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