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ABC's Verdict on Ryobi LED-UV - "Win - win - win!"

Hereford-based ABC Print Group Ltd snapped up the UK’s first Ryobi LED-UV press, a Ryobi 924 SRA1 machine, in 2014. The press has now been running at the company for several months, producing quality print, day-in day-out.

Mike Greene, Managing Director: “We put ourselves one step ahead of the competition with the installation of the UK’s first Ryobi LED-UV press. It’s been in double day production, it has run flawlessly and it still looks brand new! With no coating or spray powder in the process the minders require less time for maintenance and can spend more time in production whilst working in a better environment.”

He continues; “With the help of Apex, Flint Inks, Technotrans, and TSS Technologies we are achieving ISO 12647-2 on every job we print, and our clients like the fact that when they specify a particular paper they get a finished result that is as per the sample swatch, since that there is no coating or varnish required that can taint the paper or board.

“We recently printed 500 copies of an A1 Rugby World Cup Wall planner on 300gsm uncoated Edixion offset. In less than half an hour from receipt of plates the job was printed, trimmed and packed. This is astonishing on an uncoated board with full out ink coverage. We are delighted with how the Ryobi is performing and certainly have no doubt that we made the right decision when we opted for it.”

Ryobi’s 920 Series has become a global best seller. It has a maximum sheet size of 920 x 640 mm, enabling eight-up printing of A4 size pages and A1 size posters. The versatility of the press extends to stock thickness, with the 920 Series capable of handling paper ranging from 0.04 mm to 0.6 mm stock, with an option of 0.8mm.

Mr Greene adds: “The move to SRA1 means that we can print eight A4 pages to view, and with the LED-UV added, have a dry to the touch sheet out of the back of the press – the productivity gains of the configuration are huge to a business like ours. LED-UV minimises the power costs, improves the process by eliminating the need for consumables, and speeds the drying of sheets – a win-win-win situation!”

“We had no hesitation about returning to Apex for equipment. They are an excellent company to do business with, and have a great support team.”

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