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Ryobi has LED - others have followed

Ryobi was the first press manufacturer to incorporate LED-UV into its presses, offering instant drying along with a long list of environmental benefits - including the elimination of ozone and spray powder, with lower power consumption.

In recent years rival manufacturers have attempted but failed to match the Ryobi system. The RMGT LED-UV system is not simply a reduced-power UV option - it is a genuine and fully integrated LED-UV system.

• Available in all formats
• Instant on/off • Instant drying
• 88% lower power consumption compared to conventional UV
• Long life • Low heat
• No spray powder
• Ozone free
• Mercury free

Shorter lead times
With no need for the printed sheets to dry, work can immediately move on to the next process such as cutting or binding. No more taking up space waiting for sheets to dry.

Environmentally friendly
Lower energy consumption reduces C02 emissions. No mercury is used in the LED-UV drying system. Recyclable, easily-removed LED-UV ink is used.

Consistent quality
No set-off; stacking can be done immediately, and there is no colour change due to dry-back. There is no spray powder to affect the press or finishing equipment.

Compatible with all stocks
All stocks can be printed and dried immediately - coated, uncoated, film and most plastics.


Greatly reduced power consumption
The LED-UV system has a very low power requirement - around 1/8 of a conventional UV system and around 1/4 of that of H-UV or LE-UV. Plus, instant on/off reduces standby consumption during job changeover.

Better working conditions
There is no need to install deodorising equipment or ducting - and LED-UV produces no infrared light, so the curing unit generates much less heat. The removal of spray powder from the process means a ‘clean printing’ environment.

Longer life
Due to a lifespan of approximately 15,000 hours, replacing an LED-UV lamp is a rare event in comparison to conventional UV lamps which - at best - can last for around 1-3,000 hours (max). Lifespan is further increased by the ability to switch off inbetween runs - a conventional lamp must be left on in standby mode.


Variable configuration
The standard LED curing unit is installed above the delivery drum or perfecting drum for full colour printing, or above the chain delivery section to provide high power curing for varnish coating.

Various other possibilities are available depending on the press configuration and the type of work being produced.

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