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In the pre-press arena Apex has an unrivalled reputation in the UK, having installed over 500 Computer to Plate systems nationwide. It has an exclusive distribution deal with Chinese manufacturer Cron for its CtP systems and plates.

The right combination

Offset printing is still the most cost effective production method for all but the very shortest commercial print runs, and recent advances have made press/CTP combinations from Apex even more attractive. The advent of LED-UV has been a game changer for litho, as printers have woken up to the benefits of instant, clean, eco-friendly drying.

Whatever the format - from B3 to SRA1 - when a Ryobi LED-UV press is used in conjunction with the latest generation of low-cost high performance CtP systems from Cron, cost per sheet is minimised, turnround times are rapid, and the most profitable litho production workflows can be achieved.

A Ryobi LED-UV press and
Cron CtP combination delivers:

• Max speed 16,200 sheets/hour
• Instant drying
• Stocks up to 600 micron
• 4 minute makereadies
• Around £1 per plate (B3)
• Unbeatable output quality


A unique compact machine which combines autoloader, platesetter and punch for the highest productivity and smallest footprint.

The H-series range combines fully automated plate loading with de-leafing and precision punching, providing a low cost easy-to-use compact CTP device which is easy to maintain - and has a footprint at 60% the size of comparable units.


26H TP with auto loading and inline punch

26H UVP with Blackwood Emerald UV low chemistry plate and WPT 70 low-chemistry wash out unit

26H UVP with Blackwood HUV-PXX plates and Heights iNDiUM 85 processor

46H TP with auto loading and inline punch

46H UVP with Blackwood Emerald UV low chemistry plate and WPT125 low chemistry wash out unit

46H UVP with Blackwood HUV-PXX plates and Heights TiTANiUM 125 processor

46H TP (thermal) with Fuji Superia LH-PJE Lo-Chem plates and Fuji ZAC FLH-Z 125 processor


G+ Series

The G+ series features the latest generation lasers and liquid cooling to ensure maximum reliability and fast throughput. .

Units can be operated as a manual load or combined with an automatic plate loader with a capacity of up to 500 plates, providing a fast and convenient flow of plates for the majority of printing applications from A3 to B1. Plate punching is built in to the platesetter which can support 3 sets of punch dies.


26G+ TP running Fuji Superia ZD processless plates

26G+ UVP with Heights iNDiUM 85 processor

26G+ TP with Fuji ZAC FLH-Z 85 processor

46G+ TP running Fuji Superia ZD processless plates

46G+ TP with Fuji ZAC FLH-Z 125 processor

46G+ UVP with Heights TiTANiUM 125 processor


Standard 'G' models

Thermal and UV computer to plate systems from Cron offer a high quality, low-cost solution in 26”, 36” and 46” formats.

Numerous configurations are available in addition to the standalone system including autoloader, stacker and processor (UV)

Fully automatic B1 and B2+ thermal platesetters with inline punching options.

PlateRite 8300E/S


PlateRite 4300E/S

Pictured with SAL (single auto loader)

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